Here are some of the best marketing strategies to help you in crypto promotion. Follow these marketing strategies to maximize the chances of success in your crypto marketing campaign.

The blockchain and crypto are the most discussed topic in tech industry and emerging as a mainstream. According to the Finder cryptocurrency exchange volume was $64.25 billion in year 2018 and it's growing every year. Crypto industry is getting crowded every day with so many cryptocurrency launches happening every single day the crypto promotion has become an inevitable task to promote the crypto & blockchain platform.

As you know, the crypto market is getting crowded so quickly and to survive in the industry, you need an effective and unique crypto marketing strategy. Even as crypto rise is in popularity, there is still something that most people have difficulty to understand it. That's why educating consumers is so important, especially in the crypto promotion.

As I seen in my digital marketing career most blockchain start-up and cryptocurrencies start their promotion without a proper market research and marketing strategy.

Prerequisites for Crypto Marketing

A completely sketched marketing plan and market research can help you to determine on your goals and to move in right direction. Here are some pre-requisites before starting a successful crypto promotion and marketing campaign:

1. Marketing Plan - The marketing plan is essential for any digital marketing campaign, it helps to move you in right direction and achieve the desired results with in projected period. So its important to have a written marketing plan with your estimated results and goals.

2. Identify Target Audience - The primary thing of any marketing campaign is to figure out the targeted customer base and select the right tools & method to outreach. Some crypto start-up determine their customers in the development phase itself. Yes, its appreciated. But if in case you haven't done, you can do it and make your marketing strategy confined to them.

3. Connect to Advisors & Mentors - Since your product is a cryptocurrency, it is crucial that you have a set of advisors team who can guide you. Their knowledge, experience, and even their perspective can help you with making out a very good marketing campaign.

Cryptocurrency start-up have to deal with severe marketing restrictions (as Facebook & Google banned crypto advertising), you'll have to get creative and to be focused on your own crypto community outreach with other ethical methods.

Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

So on the basis of these findings and research here are some of the best marketing strategies to help you in crypto promotion. Follow these marketing strategies to maximize the chances of success in your crypto marketing campaign.

1. Unique Design & Branding - The best way in whichc altcoins set themselves apart from their competition is by unique design and branding according to their demographic and target audiences. This technique known as selective digital marketing to reach some specific demographic & targeted audience base. First you have to research and find the targeted demographic & niche and hire any agency who can help you for unique design and branding. A good example of this is GNGCoin (GNG), a project that aims to redefine the world of stable currency. All of GNG’s branding is singularly focused toward the stability and ease of use their stablecoin.

2. Establish Your Social Media Presence - Without proper social media presence, giving away free tokens and building a community would be useless. You have to create your start-up’s social media accounts even without a community at first. When you have laid the foundation use manual outreach through quality content, infographics, images and videos at beginning. Now the people who are interested in your busines will have a place to communicate with you through established social media channels. It will also help you in branding and outreach new targeted audience.

3. Hold a Giveaway to Build Your Community - Try holding a giveaway to audience who join your community. As we all know the most productive discussions related to cryptocurrency happen on social media networks such as - Reddit, Bitcoin Forum, Facebook, Twitter and some messaging apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord, etc... It's a good idea to maintain a presence on these platforms strategically. There are many examples when holding a giveaway plays an important role in cryptocurrency promotion and made huge impact in results. But always remember to be authentic in how you present yourself and your community.

4. Press Release & Guest Post - press release distribution sites and crypto niche high authority websites who lookout for the new projects to write about them. You can hire any PR specialist or guest post service provider firm to outreach these high authority news and media sites. This initiative can increase your community and userbase instantly.

5. Try to Become an Authority in Community - It's the fact that people trust someone who has knowledge and authority in their field. You can also become an authority by joining events, conferences, creating dedicated blog or youtube channel, etc... Establish yourself as an authority in your target niche who knows the industry or niche very well. This will make audiences trust your voice and your project. This will help, make more people purchase your coin and join your community because of trust they put in you.