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Pay Per Sale.

For advertisers, pay per sale has some unique advantages compared to pay per click and pay per lead. Marketing agencies will just take some fixed percentage of your revenue once sales is closed.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) is a different type of digital marketing, where the advertiser pays only for the sales generated by marketing agency. With this business model, both the advertiser and the digital marketing agency are perfectly aligned with their goals. This is most commonly used method of payment in affiliate marketing.

However, pay per sale digital marketing method is more challenging than simply sending through a lot of traffic, referrals or clicks to a landing page or website, because in order to earn, marketing agency actually converts your prospect into a sale rather than simply an expression of interest.

The pay per sale model is best for digital products and services for example - software, books, mobile apps, online courses and subscription based services. It will not work for the physical products like T-shirts, Bags, Mobile phones, etc... Strategically crafted PPS campaigns provide instant results and new sales once the campaign start running.

4 Main Benefits of Pay Per Sale (PPS) Marketing:
☆ Measurable Performance.
By setting a price for each sale, it is easy to measure and monitor the return of investment. It also allows for in-depth performance analysis so the advertiser can make well informed decisions for marketing campaigns.
☆ Precise Targeting.
PPS marketing help to generate more sales and target the most promising and quality consumers for the merchant's product. Aside from generating sales, it also help to increase the exposure and the awareness of product.
☆ Cost-Effectiveness.
With pay per sale, advertisers pay for exactly what they receive from the marketing agency, which makes it an efficient advertising method for merchants without a large marketing budget to promote their products or services.
☆ Low / No Risk.
There is no risks for the advertisers, because it completely depends on the success of the marketing campaign. In pay per sale digital marketing method the payment is made only when advertised product or service is sold.

Pay per sale or cost per sale marketing is breaking the stereotype of traditional digital marketing methods. By charging businesses based only on the success of the campaigns, companies are putting their marketing dollars to better use.


This system is a thousand times better than the alternative marketing. It reduces the manpower and makes the manpower more productive. It allows people to do what they enjoy rather than being frustrated.

Epstein – CEO, Woody Cotton

With our pay per sale program we take care of all your online marketing needs and costs. Stop paying for staff, outsourced services, and poor performing ad campaigns. So, no payout from you, until the set action or result is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • This sounds too good, So what's the catch?

    There's no catch. Media Gust was built on the premise that there should be no 'catch' in the digital marketing landscape. You pay us only a fixed percent (%) of sales, no management fees, and no pay per click cost.

  • Where do you advertise my business?

    Anywhere and everywhere! Google, Yahoo, Bing, Niche Websites, Social Media, Youtube, etc… Again, it depends upon your product or services and industry.

  • What is the cost to me?

    It really varies based on your industry and your website, but it will ALWAYS be a discount on the commission you are currently paying if you count your current Google AdWords spend divided by the sales generated.

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