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Performance Audit.

The purpose of a performance audit is to identify two key sets of data insights: strengths and the weaknesses. It helps to identify whether there are any working digital marketing practices that could be more effective.

Auditing the performance of current digital marketing strategies allows us to see what is working perfectly and to find what areas need improvement. It will discover the existing inefficiencies, and enable us to catch mistakes before they can cause serious damage. Our marketing performance audit;s systematic and structured approach makes the whole process of digital marketing easier and more effective.

There is no hard and fast rule to schedule a comprehensive digital marketing performance audit, the key of performance audit is the pro-activity, not the crisis management. It is important to complete a performance audit before developing new marketing strategies. These findings can then be turned into new digital strategies that are aligned with the marketing goals.

The following are the key metrics digital marketer should focus on to establish a comprehensive gauge and assessment of the marketing campaign's overall performance:

Performance Audit Includes:
☀ Organizational Alignment.
In this initial stage, we evaluate how well the organization is aligned with the initiatives and outcomes, and effectiveness of digital marketing spends. Also, we map every step of your funnel.
☀ Data and Processes.
In third stage, we assess operational processes, data skills and development process, data management process, measurement and the reporting process including competitor analysis and other important key metrics.
☀ Performance Management.
In second stage, we examine the organization's use of data & analytics, creation of measurable marketing objectives, establishment of program performance targets, and reporting mechanism.
☀ System and Tools.
In this final stage, we evaluate the organization's infrastructure; existing systems and tools to provide a holistic view of brand's digital footprint. It uncovers the opportunities for cost saving and to create an effective strategy.

In the context of managing and improving digital marketing performance, the concept of performance audit plays an important role as a comprehensive process of diagnosing and improving the marketing systems, processes, and tools.


Performance audit helped us to form clear linkage between what the company was trying to achieve and what we would be doing in online digital marketing.

Nick Johns – Expedia Solutions

At MediaGust, We are solving your most difficult problems who needed to drive brand growth, create value, and improve your brand performance online.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long does it take to performance audit?
    Normally, 2 to 3 Week.

    A performance audit can be completed and delivered within two to three weeks. It depends on many factors, for example - size of website, social media, current & past marketing campaigns, existing followers & subscribers, etc...

  • How much does a performance audit cost?
    For MediaGust Customers:

    We offer free performance audit to all our customers.

    For Others:

    Prices will vary depending on your brand, size of website and the product & services you offer. General assessments for small businesses can start at as low as $500.

  • Can you provide an example of performance Audit?
    No. Because of Confidential Information.

    We generally do not provide the examples of performance audits as they contain confidential information specific to each client. We do sometimes provide a 'table of contents' to illustrate the 'shell' of the audit will consist of.

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